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LA HHJ Guide Service

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Met Charlie on the water today about 7am. Charlie knew just where to go. We were on fish right after the trolling motor hit the water. Caught an 8lb8oz fish on the third cast. HHJ continued to pull in fish after fish on his secret bait ;) We got off the water about 9:30 due to the boat traffic.

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Nice fish Alan and thanks for letting HHJ borrow a swimmer so he could get in the pic :p ;D

Steve and I had a fairly decent day....18 pounds by 9:00AM, no big fish, just solid 3's & 4's.

Wacky rigs, senkos and jigs....
I made the mistake of putting in in the afternoon :-[ It was a circus. Managed to bag a few in spite of the rec boaters.
Yeah Alan next time Im going to charge you for a guide service. Thanks for the tips my buddy had a great time out there. It was his first time on L.Austin fishing. We both caught one over 4lbs and some 2lber and other keeps mixed in. I would say we had a pretty decent day out there in all.

Didnt put the wacky worm down all morning, fished upper end of the lake tried to stay away from the boat traffic as much as possible.

Nice fish Alan once again you make my fish look like a dink thanks alot ;D.

Take Care
Awesome looking fish. Congrats....
Nice one Alan!!

HHJ's secret bait huh? You mean like the ones I always see hanging from the tress north of City Park ? ;D

Nice fish Alan.
Wacky and I had a good time on LA this morning. I'll let him post the report. Ran into HHJ and his buddy and TDub out on the water. I think everyone we talked to did well.
This was my first trip to LA in a while and it was good to get back out there.

I guess bassinthru and I saved them for y'all to catch!

Congrats! :)
Sweet! Nice to sting em and get off the water early.

Damn :mad:

Met you too late. Now its gonna cost me to fish with ya
Charlie :-X

Nice report guys and glad to hear you had a fantastic day on the water. Hope to see you at the next HHJ Charlie

Jim ;D
Nice fish Alan, glad y'all had a great morning. Wish I had been out there instead of working on my patio roof but it's finished now so I can spend more time fishing. ;D

Nice fish, Cannot wait to get back down there and rip
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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