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Got on the water around 6:30 and fished a couple topwater spots real quick with only on keeper to show for it. Ran down to this one spot where I've caught a real nice fish before and tried it.  About third cast had a big fish just come and crush it, started pulling drag and then just let loose. My guess it was foul hooked they way it hit that popper. Couldn't find anything else going on back in the creek so moved out on the main lake and bite picked up. Found them sitting in 8-12ft on main lake rock walls. Caught 7 more fish in the next hour following this pattern. Nothing huge but good fish, biggest around 3lbs. All on watermelon candy baby brush hogs. First ski boat buzzed me right at daybreak and boat traffic was pretty bad by 9am. Parking lot full of boats as I was leaving. Off the water by 9:30, short trip but had to catch a few bass on my birthday.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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