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I and a buddy fished LA yesterday, putting in at Quinlan, at dawn. There was a boat fishing docks/grass mats on either side so we went upriver to the bluffs. Water temp was 77, clarity was great, the bite....not so good.
We started out throwing Senkos, but were only getting bit by perch/dinks. They seemed to hit best when retrieving in to make another cast.
I was going to try the frog bite, but already had a jig/trailer tied on my Revo w/50lb. Power Pro. First cast...two hops...a heavy hook-up.The fish was obviously a good one, and was putting up one heck of a swirl on top.
I finally got in in and it weighed on my scale at 6lb. 15oz.. Unfortunately it was a Gasperguo or freshwater drum. I fished with the same jig for another 30-45 minutes, and only landed a bass, about 1.5lbs.
After that, it was starting to get hot and we tried trolling for a while. Some success, but not worth the gas.
There was a "Frosted Flakes" boat in the middle of the lake, in the bend, about a mile up from Quinlan. I wonder if that was Clark Wendlandt? :) :) :)

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Doesn't sound like it turned out to be too bad of a day. 77 at the bluffs is pretty warm, last couple of weeks I was there it was between 69-71. I guess LCRA started slowing how much water they release, which may be effecting the temp and the bite. Thanks for the report/update as I will be out there early Sunday.

I wouldn't be suprised if it was clark, LA is becoming more and more well known for big fish. I bet it was a pretty cool looking wrap to see in person.
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