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Hit the water with Its_a_bigone last night. Good to fish with a fellow Chicagoan. We launched at Quinlan at 6 pm and headed South. Mostly fished bluffs and steep banks, where we caught all our fish. I threw shakey head the entire day until I got tired of losing spot removers. I caught 8 fish or so, 6 dinks and two keeps at about 2 pounds. Most fish came within the first few feet of the shore. Seemed like it was really important to get that bait deep under the overhanging trees (I would say all fish were caught in 2-5 feet of water
). Having trouble locating good fish of late, been a dinkfest my last few trips, probably because I love throwing shakey head, but whatever it catches fish. We fished docks to no avail. Probably should have fished more grass lines and reeds but I guess that will be next time. BTW thanks Lurp for the recommendation of the Shimano Crucial as a shakey head rod. The 7'3 medium/extra fast rod is super sensitive and doubles as a drop shot rod, I highly recommend it.
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Thanks for the report. LA seems to have shut down the last few days, at least for the big fish. What pound test are you using on that Crucial? Is that why you are losing spot removers?
I have a Crucial Medium/Fast that I have been using with 15lb for SH and light TR, but I don't think it will work for DS. For DS and flukes I use a spinning rig with 10lb, although that rig rarely makes the trip ;)
Yeah, LA is slowing down it seems.

LH, don't be hating the sissy sticks! ;D I always have mine, that drop-shot will always work. What ever you feel comfortable with, bring it. ;)
Could be. Like everyone has said, LA is impossible to pattern. It's a river system, so the fish are always on the move.

EA said it too. He's fished it for years, and you still won't get the lake.
I use 10 pound fluoro for shakey heads. I was just breaking the line by hand whenever I got a nasty snag. I hate wasting my boaters time making him turn around so I can unsnag something that costs a dollar.
Oh yeah, hitting up LA again tomorrow and will try fishing new territory up North. I will post and let you know how we do. also I plan on hitting up LA all week next week armed with a new swimbait setup. I am leaning towards the AG Winch on the Crucial light swimbait rod. Plan on throwing some MattLures at em.
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