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LA 6/20 Updated Pics

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Weather: Overcast, morning temp was in the high 70's. By about 10 AM low 90's

Water Conditions: North end of LA was pretty clear to 4-5 feet.

Started at the Bluffs again this morning with my 4 year old daughter and my sister-in-law. Snagged one dink to start, 2 casts later my daughter hooked a 3 pounder on her little pink rod and reel and fought it almost all the way to the boat. I was extremely impressed. He even came up and did a head shake while she was towing. 3 more dinks and 1 keeper sized fish and that was that.

I have a picture I will add of her fish tomorrow (Sun).

Here is the other we grabbed just before we got off the water

It was great running into Cory (Motoknow) this morning and then later pulled up to Yung (RudeHo225) and said hi. Good to run in to familiar faces out there.

Really looking forward to the 'strop on Saturday!
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Re: LA 6/20

ProCrafty JR,

Nice to catch up with you on the water.  Your daughter was telling her fish story with the vigor and excitement of a pro.  She was pretty pumped up.

I fished the upper end and had an early moving bait bite.  Caught a few decent fish slow rolling on a spinner bait over submerged Milfoil in clear 68 degree water.  When the sun got higher I switched up to a wacky rigged Senko style worm and pulled a few more off docks around mid lake.  Seem to be some nice big perch roaming around as well.  Nice quick early morning session to get my Saturday started off right.  

I did see some commotion at the 360 ramp when I pulled off at 10am.  Seems there was some kind of there was a fisherman that was having some medical/health problems.  Saw the police and EMT boat escort him back to the ramp to be met by the EMT crews.  Hope all is ok with the angler.  

See you on the water -Rude-

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Re: LA 6/20

Thats a nice bass congrats! How big was that perch. That thing looks huge! A pound lol?
Bump due to added Pic's.
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