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Went yesterday with RudeHo for a few hours to LA. First time out there since the Port-A-Bote days. :eek: It's been way too long.

Time fished: 6AM-10:30AM
H2O: Stained closer to City Park, clear at the upper end by low water crossing. 63-64 degrees.
Temperature: 84 when we got off the water, windy, 14MPH winds.

Arrived at 6AM at Quinlan, launched, and started fishing. Rude caught one right away, a chunky 2.5lber.

Took me about 5mins to get a bite, and it was a tiny bite. A little 10"er on a drop-shot. ;D

Went up and down the lake, caught fish everywhere. Mainly fished docks, and fished shallow early.

Caught about 15 fish total, biggest was under 3lbs. All caught on either a Grande Bass 4.5" Rattlesnake on a TX-rig, or a Baby Rattlesnake on a drop-shot.

4 fish on Lake Austin

All fish were healthy, chunky, and had awesome colors.

Saw a few firetrucks and ambulances when leaving Quinlan, not sure what happened.
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