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Took my wife and one of my daughters out on the boat for the first time today.

Start Time: 8:30AM
Water Temp: 77 Degrees
Water Visibility: Clear to 5-6 feet

Put in at City Park, grabbed 2 dinks along docks just north of City Park on the other side of the Lake. Moved to the Bluffs, pretty quiet up there, so were the pleasure boaters.  

About 10:30 AM we moved back down past City Park heading toward the 360 bridge. About 10:30 finally found a fish a little bigger and gave the rod to my daughter. Ear to Ear grin until the end, then she said, "ok you take it, he's pretty, but I don't wanna touch him". She's getting there :). We did manage a picture.

We got off the water at noon, pleasure boats got REALLY busy right about then.
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