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Fished LA on 4/4 and had a good day. 23lb sack with 8lb kicker. Topwater action early despite 60F temperature above Quinlan. Nailed the 8lber the topwater (sorry, cannot divulge my topwater as it will produce from now until October) and missed two other good fish. Tried the Frog and got some nice blowups and hooked one butg he buried in the grass and the hook pulled. Swiched to a weedless Swimbait on the outer grass edges and nailed a 5lber.

Moved down to mid-lake above City Park and did a little sight fishing that produced another 5lber and two keeper males around 2.5 each.

Got too windy to sight fish and ran out of time to before kids baseball games so I headed on in.

I am glad to see the topwater coming on which was a shocker in the 60F water temp. Seems the fish above Quinlan are still pre-spawn.


Here is a pic. I released her at 360 so she is probably on a bed nearb y. ;)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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