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LA 4/24

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Lake Austin from 7 AM to Noon

Water Temp: Didn't get a reading
Visibility: 8 feet +
Weather: Morning started in the upper 50's warming to 78

Fished LA today with Grant (Old Sage), fished the northern end again. Worked the grass / dock's across from the cliffs on down, fishing was SLOW until right about 20 minutes after 9 AM Old Sage stuck a 4 lb 8oz fish (See photos).

I thought things were about to kick off from there but they stayed pretty slow, 3 of our total 4 fish caught were on Senko's and the other I caught on a watermelon fluke.

Old Sage's fish was the only keeper, but I'd take that fish over 3 dinks. All in all, good day on the water and good company!

4lbs. 8 oz.

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I wish we could have gotten in to a few more fish, but I had a BLAST anyways! Just being out on the lake that early without that many people on the water and that type of weather was like Heaven. I really appreciate you letting me tag along and showing me some things about fishing. I would have never hit that fish had you not shown/told me how to fish that Senko weightless. Your boat ran pretty dang well too, so I am sure you were happy about that. Again, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to fish with you and look forward to the chance to do it again..... and slay'em!
Nice work guys!  Nice fish!  Yes, I'd have to agree, being on the water and fishing in peace is sorta like my idea of Heaven.  Nothing better.

Keep working the weightless senko and flukes.  You will catch fish with those lures.  When the fishing is slow, SLOW down your retrieve (dead stick).  It's a test of patience, but will pay off.  Keep the pics coming!
Will do! Thanks for the input and advice RO.
Fished in a small club tourney on Lake Austin on Saturday. Second time ever on the lake. Went toward the dam first and caught one keeper and several dinks in a beautiful cove. Left there and went to another cove right by the dam with no luck. Then back to the original cove again with no luck. Moved back up the lake and entered the creek just south of the 360 bridge. Fished the grass on the way in and caught a 10lb 6 ounce personal best on a deadstick senko style bait. (I think it iis Bull Creek, has the County Line at the back of it). My partner caught a 3lb 8 oz a little further up. Unfortunately we only got to make one pass through there before weigh in. Still turned out to be a great day. I would post pictures if I could figure out how. She was beautiful.
Congrats on the good catches. Look forward to seeing the pics.
So you were fishing in bull creek when you caught that toad... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: I like fishing in there but have never caught a 10LBer in there thats awesome dude... i am going to the fork and i hope to caught a 10 LBer like yours
I have a question for someone have you ever tried deadsticking through the hydrilla because I hear people stay I caught it on the grass dead sticking but i would think that the senko or whatever your deadsticking with would just fall through the grass but i might be totally wrong


West texan
Congrats on the 10 lber!

If you have uploaded the photo's to photobucket send me the link and I can post them for you if you want.

Also, there is a sticky in the Misc section on posting pic's if you need help.
I have fished that lake for years and still haven't caught a double digit! congrats
Congrats on the 10lber! I bet that helped you in the Tourney!
Is there a place to put a kayak in back in Bull Creek? I have fished back in there before, but I don't want to run the gauntlet from the bridge to the creek in my kayak.
This is killing me. I can't figure out how to post the picture of my 10 pounder. I loaded it into photobucket, but don't have the same pull down menu like the picture in the directions in the miscellaneous section. Will keep trying.
Now it says I have to post 5 times. This is number five. Sorry I am having to do this. Will try one more time.
There ya go, fixed!

Won't hook into many of those, congrats!
Thanks Crafty JR, I think I just figured out how to post on another forum.
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