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Sorry for Late Report. Finally got to fish more than 2-3 hrs in order to put a pattern together and have something to report.

Water Temp: 61 above Quinlan, 64 Midlake above City Park
Water Clarity: Clear to 6-8ft Mid to Upper Lake (Did fish below City Park)
Skies: Overcast
Wind: 5-10MPH approx.

Fished for almost 3hrs on a variety of baits, locations, depths, and structure. Finally patterned them on Wacky Worm on weed edges along flats in 1-6 FOW staging for the spawn with a few males fanning beds.

The Good: Caught 13 fish in 2.5 hours with 6-8 being keepers and the biggest at 3.5-4lbs and probably a 12lb bag at best.

The Bad: Hooked a female around 5-6lbs but she came loose near the boat.

The Ugly: Hooked another female that I am quite sure was over 10lbs and she spit the hook out on her first jump. Boy was I sick. Much larger than the 9lb LB I caught in December so I know she was big. She had to be 27-28" Long.

These fish are definitely on the move to spawn. We'll see what the cold does to them over the week.

Hopefully I can get out and fish some more. Too many things going on lately.

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