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Well I have been skunked the last couple times out so I resorted to cheating a bit.  I only fish for forty five minutes or so an evening but they have been uneventful to say the least so I spiced it up a bit this time with some live perch.  I floated a five inch perch about seven feet below a cork just outside a spawning area and caught this girl. The bait was in the water less than thirty seconds when she took it.  It was my first bait of the evening and only bait that was touched.

She went 6 lbs 6 oz. Forgot to get a measurement. Released.

How are ya'll spotting these fish on beds? I have tried to find them with no luck. I see a few in the marina (ski shores) but havent anywhere else. Maybe Im looking in the wrong places. I stay between the 360 bridge and city park 99% of the time but there are quite a few places that should hold spawning fish. I wonder if the whaler scares fish off their beds more than a lower profile bass boat does?
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