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LA 3-10 after dark

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Robert and I hit LA from 9p-1am.  We fished lower lake and water temp was 66-70 degrees.  Fishing was kinda slow but we eventually discovered the pattern.  If you throw a heddon chugger near wild ducks that are taking flight, the commotion will trigger a strike.  Caught em on crankbaits too.  We boated 6-7 bass.  here are a couple

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At 8pm, we still did not know where to go...Lake Travis for Stripes/Whites or Bass on Lake Austin. Looking for the big bite, we fished shallow and then moved out to deeper water, adjacent to docks. In 10-14 feet of water, I threw the Bomber Flat A in baby Bass along docks. I would crank hard, then pause. They would hit it on the pause.

Matt was chunking at ducks. The ducks took flight, then it was quiet...then BAM...topwater hit on his chugger. Sounded like he feel in.

I lost a fish on a red spinner bait.

All fish were caught south of the 360 bridge. Saw a couple of boats out , but never heard any I got a big one..

sorry if im not getting this if it is a joke but are you guys really fishing a duck in flight pattern? Thats the craziest thing i have ever heard ;D Then again lake austin kicks my arse . i will cast a jet skiers if it will help ;D
The pattern reference and casting towards ducks was a joke , but it really did happen. I casted a chugger about 5 feet from a bank and let it sit idle. right after that some wood ducks flew out of the brush in a frenzy running into sticks and making alot of commotion. A 5lb-er nailed the lure while the ducks were raising cane. that was the only fish caught on topwater. however--I would not recommend casting towards ducks so they don't get hooked or hurt.
Sometimes they just need a push to get out of the way. I have seen it where you cast one way to avoid them then they turn in go right in your path again! I would never hurt a duck but I dont see any harm shooing them off!!!!!
Speaking of the duck pattern........

I pray for a duck to carp on my cap. Last time that happened and after I cussed the duck, boom, a 6#er. :cool:

So, bombs away! :D
68767373767A316F1F0 said:
i will cast a jet skiers if it will help  ;D
By all means, feel free to do so. ;D
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