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Well yesterday on LA was our second UBA tournament of the year in which we had 5 teams participate (we only have 5 boats to fish on).  It was cloudy and windy pretty much the whole day with the wind dieing down every once in a while only to pick back up 5 minutes later.  The tourney started at 7am and concluded at 1pm at the 360 bridge.

We took off at 7am and figured that with this wind and overcast skys the topwater bite would be on, especially in a protected area where their would be a lighter wind.  We headed to the entrance of Bull creek and threw topwater on both sides of the creek in 2-8 feet of water without a single bite.  We decided to move to the area we had good success with on Saturday when we pre-fished.  On the way we stopped at the mouth of Bull creek and cranked the creek channel for about 5 minutes, but didn't get a bite there either.  So we headed to our spot that produced for us on saturday.  We fished this one shoreline from about 8pm until 1pm and pulled up 25 fish and lost about 5 more before they got to the boat.  Out of the 25 we put in the boat we had 8 keepers and had our limit by 10am with our best 5 going 12.1 LB's.  At one point my partner pulled 4 fish off of one brush pile in 4 consecutive casts and we pulled about 15 out of that general area throughout the day.  Every fish was caught on a shaky head rig, but they were so picky they would not even hit the rig unless it had a certain jig head color and a certain color worm!

On saturday we noticed the same partner was throwing a shaky head with a different jig head color and a different worm color and he only caught two fish, while I threw it and was able to get 11 fish.  That saturday night we went to 2 Academy's and then to cabelas to find the exact jig head and color worms I was using  ;D and then on Sunday we killed them with that combo.  These fish were looking for a very specific pattern from what we saw on Saturday and Sunday.  We ended up taking first place in our tournament with another team who had pre-fished with us on Saturday taking second on shaky rigs in the exact same pattern and a texas rig.  Overall a very fun day with a happy ending to our tourney.

Had one last interesting thing happen this sunday...we had 1 fish hooked on me AND my partners shaky head!  We both casted out about 5 feet from each other and started to work his lure when he felt a tap on his line and he set the hook only to have my line take off at the same time!  When we reeled it in the fish was hooked with both of our shaky heads in its mouth!  He must have picked my shaky head up with stealth  :eek: and then picked my partners up who felt it and then set the hook!  Thats the first time I've ever heard of this happening!

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