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LA 12/31/08 Barely Missed a Skunk

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Hit LA yesterday following the front and boy was it tough. Managed to save a skunk with a 2lb on a Crankbait off some rocks in about 10' of water right at the end. Barely missed a skunk.

Speaking of barely. I barely made it home before my truck's alternator went out, again!!! Not sure what the deal is on the alternator. 2006 Toyota Tundra, less than 30K miles, and alternator is going out again in less than 3-weeks.


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I wonder if it is mounted slightly out of line?
The problem is...its a tundra.

jk thats bizzarre
Hello Weemo
Most of the newer computer controlled cars & trucks, charging systems Are controlled by the PCM (POWER TRAIN CONTROL MODULE). Ck on line for discussion forums Maybe there's a bulletin or recall on it. Feel free to call me at the shop And I'll look up what I can on ALL DATA for you.
512-292-3519 STB Auto, Steve Bohmer.
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