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Water temp -57
fished-2:30p-5:30p midlake

Tried fishing creeks initially thinking the water might be a little warmer from the afternoon sun.  Not the case.  Water temps were 57-60 no matter where I was.  Tried shallow grass with weighless rattlesnake.  Got a perch nibble and that's it.  Tried deeper water with c-rig.  No hits.  Finally picked up a 3.5lber on a jig.  Had another pull my trailer off after that.  Fished for a while without a bite.  Started daydreaming or something but wasn't paying attention and missed what looked like another fish appx 5lb range.  Glad to get a little action 4 miles from the house!

Secret fishing spot
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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