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LA 10-3-08

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Fished with JT on Friday. Launched at Quinlan and stayed upstream from 360 all day. Tried out some new spots that were not that productive, although did catch the biggest keeper of the day at one of these areas.

Total for the day was only 9 fish. Very slow day but the weather was great and had great company as always. After being spoiled by Lake Austin the last few months these 8-10 fish days are almost disappointing. I'm sure everyone goes through it though...a nice long run of great fishing that suddenly slows way down.
JT-had fun, we'll get em next time!

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Fishbone, had a great time as usual though we didn't slay 'em yesterday. This past month on LA has been slow for me in terms of quality fish. I think we have been spoiled by about 6 months of consistently good fishing from Mar-Aug. Slow times are good - makes us really appreciate it when the bite picks up again. ;D

It seems LA has been slow the last week or two for everyone but Alan ;)
I've been struggling the last couple of trips, at least you didn't get skunked, and the weather has been nice.
6378797D717E7F7D717E100 said:
It seems LA has been slow the last week or two for everyone but Alan ;)
It's probably a good thing that we don't all fish as well as Alan does. There would be some seriously sore-lipped hawgs all over the lake! ;D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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