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LA 10-25-09

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Water temp midlake: 72-73*
Air temp: low 70's
Weather: gusty winds, partly/mostly cloudy
Water clarity: slightly off color

Put in for a few hours just to clear the mind. (11a-2p) Started out old school by throwing a Beetle Spin over submerged grass near docks. Figured a different profile/blade might be the ticket. Wrong! Ended up throwing a wacky rig most of the time in 3-8' and around boat slips. Picked up 2 shorties and had a couple other bites.
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How was the skiers out there have they slowed down yet
LCRA site still says that they have one lane open at Mansfield for boats shorter than 22 feet, so I am betting that the boat traffic will stay high on LA until the word spreads that folks can launch there pleasure boats again.
Yeah went out to LA a few weeks ago and it was nice lots of nothing on the water but me and Justin
I'll be on a backseat out there Sunday, looking forward to it. Haven't fished in 2 weeks, I'm going through withdraws. With the air temp going up and down so frequently, hopefully it keeps a lot of the wakes fishing boats. With Travis on the rise that should help too.
66617C7A676F7D71080 said:
How was the skiers out there have they slowed down yet
There were some out there, but not like during the summer time. Was very manageable to fish without getting thrown overboard.
I went out to Quinlan today 10/27, noon 'til 3:15. Tried H2O swimbait - nada, Yellow Magic popper over grass - nada, TR Lake Fork watermelon worm - 1 8" dink, Rebel Deep Wee-R - nada, 4" Senko wacky - nada.

At 2pm I went to my go-to rig, weightless TR 5" Senko... okay, got a on pearl/silver flake, then another 2lb. on watermelon/white laminate, then a very feisty bluegill on watermelon/white.

1 other boat trailer at Quinlan, couple guys in Skeeters on the water, no skiers, one or two runabouts making wakes. And a Game Warden who waved "hey" as he passed me on by.

Off lake at 3:15
What was your impression of that H2O swimbait? You just reminded me that I bought one and have yet to use it.
I have 5 of 'em. Two of the big ones and three small ones. I really like their action, they flutter even when falling. But I've yet to catch a fish on one. I've been running them parallel to grass lines, letting them sink to the bottom, then slow rolling them up.

Like I said, I've not pulled anything from the depths with one, but they certainly compare, looks-wise, with baits costing much more $$.

So until a bass hits one, the only thing they've caught out of my boat is a fisherman... me.
Thanks, they caught me too then!
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