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Skies: cloudy
Wind: breezy to gusty at times
Air temp: 65
Water temp: Mainlake, south of 360 to slalom 77*; within Bull Creek 71*
Water clarity: stained, dirty, murky

Put in for a few hours this evening, 4-630pm. Started in Rebar Bridge cove, picked up one barely keeper off a clump of weeds on a wacky rigged watrmln/purple swirl Trick Stick. Hit the mouth of the next little cut/inlet just downstream with a Sebile lipless bait, picked up a chunky 12"er. Casted/flipped a few docks...nothing. Went into Bull Creek, up near the buoy in the middle. Lots of branches/tree bark/run off junk in the water. Came up empty in the creek. Went to the golf course wall on the main lake, picked up one more really small one on Sebile bait. Getting dark so headed home. Never saw another person fishing, just a few pleasure boaters out.

Add....all 3 fish in less than 5 FOW.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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