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LA - 1/31

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Well, not such a great trip this time... Didn't catch any fish.

I forgot my wallet, and when the fish and game wardens boarded us, they wrote me a ticket for not having my license.

The really bad news is that my buddy's boat is unregistered, and he has no way to register it because when he bought it, the title wasn't in the seller's name - it was in the previous seller's name, so tracking down the previous seller has been impossible. Tried mailing a letter and finding him online, but nothing.

Has anyone been through this or know a way to get the boat registered without a title?? Looks like we won't be using that boat again for the foreseeable future.

Anyways, tight lines to all

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i dono how to help u on that one but if it makes u feel any better me and a buddy went out and only had one fish
I would try calling TPWD and verifying which forms you need to fill out:

Then carry them in person with the title you have and bill of sale to the Smith School RD location. They should be able to help you there.

Good luck.
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