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LA 050108

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Water Temp-Never had to look
Wind-Practically glass in the right area

Started fishing around 7:00 at 7:10 had a small dink, same hole Bastrop Bobby had a nice one on.  No Camera, Bad 4.5lb scale.  Swimmy got a hold of SkeeterMark who was willing to come out and help with camera and scale.  BTW thanks for the offer that was really cool of ya, Luckily got a hold of Shimanoman who was close and came by Quinlan with camera and scale.  Thanks alot for the help. Thought we had the double digit but ended up being just under 9lbs.  Looks like she was spawned out. My guess Best five around 17lbs Caught close to 15 fish all on the Larry rig,lol.  Fish were still biting when we left.  Will try to upload the pics.

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Nice fish!
Good one! I hope to hang one like that today! ;D
Nice fish and thanks for the report Derrell.
We'll have to catch up at the Roadhouse again.

Tight Lines,

Nice hawg..congrats
Congrats on the LA hawg.
Nice fish! I'm still looking for one over 4lbs on LA...

Nice fish Derrell!
Just want to say Thanks to Derrell for the nice guide trip while my boat is in the shop. We thought is was over 10lbs but still it was my PB. Also Thanks SkeeterMark for the offer to come out and with the camera and scale. Derrell and I both left our camera's at the house. BTW Swimmy we will try and stay off of your water next time LOL.
Great fish! I bet those were some good fillet's!! ;D

You really enjoy stirring things up Rocket. A True bass fisherman does not Fillet a 9 LB Bass :mad:
If you enjoy eating Bass take some dinks but release the Hawgs. Really hope you didnt Fillet up that 12lber :'(
That is a nice fish..... I guess that is why you guys fish LA!
Trust me guys I would never filet a fish like this. Like bassfantastic says keep a few dinks for the frier but release the Hawgs. This 9lber went right back where D-dog and I caught her.
Thanks again Viper for the pics and sharing with us. You are a true bass fisherman ;)
By the way Viper. Welcome to the Forum.
Jim ;D
Nice fish Viper !

Are you sure you were fishing LA and not Travis :p ;D

Way to go!

1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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