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Fished Bull Creek from 6AM till 12PM.  The water temp was 72-74 and a slight 2-5MPH breeze from the north.  The water was slightly stained and the boat traffic was light, probably due to the weather reporting thunderstorms for today.  

I did a lap around the creek without a single bite.  Senko was a bust, topwater a bust, jigs a bust and cranks a bust.  I started throwing a spinner around 9:30 and started to get lots of short strikes but never a hookup.  After 4-5 short strikes I started to throw a Berkley Dover worm in watermelon candy, rigged wacky, on top of the spot where the short strike happened.  Hookup, I caught a 2 pounder!  The pattern continued utill 11AM.  I caught 13, all under 3 pounds.  They were dinks but dinks on a good pattern!

A good day!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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