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Fished Lake Austin from 7 'til 11 Sunday morning

Water Temps - 59 to 62 mid-lake up to City Park
Visibility - Clear to 8'
Weather - Few clouds, clearing with slight wind

Boated 7 fish, 4 keeps for 8 lbs.  Broke a good one off.  All cookie cutter - 2 lbers.  Nothing picture worthy....

Put in at 360 bridge and hit the docks up lake on the west bank.  Boated 5 fish in the first hour using wacky-rigged senko in watermelon/red flake.  Looked like LCRA was releasing as the lake was flowing pretty good.  All fish caught in 6-10 FOW.

Jumped to the reed beds across the lake and nothing.  Picked up a couple more fish just beating the banks up-lake from there.

Fished City Park grass line, but couldn't get bit.  It looks really good.  I imagine those fish are cruising the grass lines in the a.m. and p.m., but get deeper, or actually hide in the grass when the sun comes up with the high visibility.

Didn't get bit on tx-rig worm, jerk bait, spinner bait, or frog over grass.

Ran into a couple ABF and TTZ guys on the water pre-fishing for the Wednesday nighter's.  Seemed like everyone was getting bit.  I imagine we'll see some nice sacks brought in this spring.

Saw several fish on beds, and more cruising the shallows while headed to County Line for lunch.  

Take care,


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Hey Worm, I think I saw you out there. I was leaving the grass when you came up. I was in the 16' Tracker that you motioned as if to ask if I had caught anything. Hope to see you out there again sometime. Good job on the 7 in the boat. I ended up with only one in the boat at the end of the day.
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