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LA  7/17 And Lady Bird 7/19

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Hey everyone. Did some fishing this weekend, and got some sun. Fished Wake Austin on Friday, and was outta control wakeboarders,

It was hot, and heavy traffic. We put in at 360 and headed towards Quinland, and fished docks and weedlines. Didn't catch anything, lol. The only bite I had all day was on a Diamondback T-rigged. Watermelon red.

Did manage to catch a buzz, after it got dark and we went to the Hula Hut and ate some good Nachos, and chips and salsa. (Their Salsa Slams). And that's all we caught, Missed a couple off the green lights. I was throwing a small swimbait and the whites tapped it, but didn't connect with any of them.

Fished from 7ish, till 11pm or so, and then went and ate. Tough day that day.

Anyhow, went to Lady Bird today, and Ripped it up. Started out fishing shady areas, and tree overhangs, with the Snattlerake on a Shaky head, Did great, caught a lot of nice fish today, and Only one non keeper all day, me and a buddy both caught a limit of keepers, and worked our way past the crab shack, and fished the first bridge pilings, and had a double hookup, with a 4 and a 3lber, That was great. Caught a keeper off every piling we fished, except the 35 bridge, didn't catch any there.

It wasn't so hot today with the cloud cover, and was nice and quiet out there today. I'm really starting to like this place, It was my third time to fish that lake from a boat, and has treated us well so far. I can't believe the quality fish coming out of this lake, it's awesome!

On the way caught another bluegill over 1lb trolling a Strike King, model 3 sexy shad crank, That's two bluegill over 1lb the last two trips, lol.

I'd recommend this lake to anyone, finesse lures and swimbaits seem to be working extremely well for us out there. And no Wakeboarders.  
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im sure glad somebody's having luck out there! i was bank fishing out there yesterday under the 35 bridge and up stream a little ways with ZERO luck! it was funny cause you could sight fish the bass from the shore but they werent taking anything! they'd stop and look but that was it! :mad:

i think i need to get my wife to drop me off up stream in my raft then have her pick me up down by the dam. ive only fished LBL 6 times but ive never even had a bite! i dont think bank fishing ismy friend out there! ;D
Good to hear you had such a sucessful day on Ladybird. I've been out there about every other evening for the past couple weeks on my kayak and have not had such good luck.

It's pretty laid back on the water out there. The only traffic is the tour boats around the Congress bridge when the bats are flying out!

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what time were you out there yesterday chrismun? i was out there under the 35 bridges and other bridges bank fishing because i didnt have kayaks. and those are some healthy fish sir congratulations on a great day of fishing. looks like im gonna be trying a shaky head with a rattlesnake next time out there
Nice report Moonraker! I hit up LA at Quinlan in the kayak yesterday morning for 2 1/2 hours. Caught 2 LMB and 1 spotted bass on TRig Strike King Zero. Nothing big but was nice to get out. Off the water by 9am since the lake was already buzzing with boat traffic. Guess I need to start hitting up LBL!

i was under the bridge at 35 on saturday from 1p to 3p. i kinda walked up towards the holiday inn or whatever that first hotel there is?
i was out there a bit later then that...good luck during these dog days
Re: LA  7/17 And Lady Bird 7/19

Great report moonraker, as usual. The bluegill and sunfish in that Lady Bird are enormous. Can't wait to get out to there again and go after a lunker bass, but I wouldn't mind hooking into another one of those big ole bluegills-they put up a heck of fight.

Oh yeah, I work at the Hula Hut, and yes the salsa does slam. It is the fresh pineapple that they add to it that does the trick. Thanks for the report.
you ever catch those catfish that come up to hula hut for the tortilla chips?
nice job on lady bird, it has been slow the last two days, but what do you think that the best color rattle snake to use is on lady bird? watermenlon red? trophy hunter? and what type of shaky head were u using ? ( brand)
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