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I've been having good luck with watermelon seed baby brush hogs T-rigged on a 2/0 offset hook and a 1/8oz black bullet sinker.

Used that 2 weeks ago in Sandy Creek and just around the corner in the coves with the two power plants and pulled out 9-10 keepers, most of them flipping into the docks.

Yesterday we went out late and had no luck at sandy creek so we cruised down to devil's hollow.  started just past the power dock with the warning signs and established a pattern finally around noon.  the wind got pretty nasty so I motored us up to the start and let the wind drift us all the way back as far into the creek as I could go.  

We basically used the wind to troll and bounced baby brush hogs right on the bottom in 4-17 feet and picked up 18 fish (1 was a gaspergoo) between about noon and 4pm.

My buddy was using a bass assassin creature bait that was similarly colored and had good luck with that as well.
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