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Hey everyone, been Fishing L.A. a lot recently. And, this place has been comparable to a warzone when it comes to Wakeboarders, on this lake lately.

I was on the lake on Saturday, and there was prolly 30 boats in one stretch of the lake, and even during the weekdays, there has been a lot of traffic.

07/21 I noticed the water temp was 83 to 85.5 or so this day depending on what part of the lake I was on. They where releasing current, so I tried some spots where there was current breaks, and some docks, that have produced for me, and came up with nothing..... Skunked, again, 2nd time this week. Threw nothing but the Diamond Back all day long. It was Hot, that day, don't know the specific temp, Prolly 100 plus! Like usual.

7/23, Rained the night before. so it cooled down a little bit, Still hot and around 100, but was below 100 degrees outside, and Humid, but felt pretty darn good with the breeze and cloud cover all day. The water had cooled down and was 73.5 to 75 degrees (North Lake). Guess the rain really helped cool the lake.

There was a current, and I started of throwing the Diamondback again, and my buddy was throwing a Senko, and a shallow crank, we came up with nothing for a couple  hours, then my buddy caught a couple with a weightless rattlesnake.

By then I remembered the Jig bite post that I saw the other day, so I put the same color jig, and started fishing, fished with the jig all day long and missed one dink.

By then, my buddy had put a splitshot above the rattlesnake, and started whoopin my butt, He literally caught 8 fish yesterday all on the rattlesnake, most from split shotting with one, and the biggest fish all day was a fat 2.25lber.

Meanwhile, I'm out here fishin, and fishin, not catching anything out of my new boat. So I start throwing crankbait across from quinland, and on the first cast, I hooked bass pushing a whopping 5inches ;D and it flopped off the hook as I was reaching for it, and fell in the water, didn't even get to touch it. :p

After it got dark, I fisnished the night up by fishing at the Lake Austin Spa, and threw a topwater, and turned to say something and missed an exciting blowup on a keeper size, and that was it,

So Basically, I'm trying to say I got skunked again, in the coolest way I know. By telling a fishing story.  ;) Except the big one that got away was actually 5inches.

But yea, my buddy totally showed me something I'd never do, and that is Splitshotting, I woulda never thought that would catch as many fish as it did with the water being as clear as it was.

But we all know how something can work good one day on L.A. and not work the next.

Oh yea, we where fishing at one point and this wakeboard but was goin back and fort, right next to us being A holes, and then their boat dies right next to us, within casting distance, and I was like, Aww crap. So thankfully I only had to tow them about a 100 yards to Quinland at that time. I just think it's frustrating how some people on wakeboard boats won't even help us when we need a tow, but I atleast gotta be nice, so right when we said we would help, my buddy caught the biggest fish that day, so maybe karma had something to do with that.

Both days where fun non the less. Looking forward to getting out there again.

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