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Kayak Trailer

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If anyone has one or knows of anyone selling one, my dad is in the market. He just got a brand new Manta Ray 14 and I've got a heritage. Figured I would toss this out just in case someone has a good deal. Thanks
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What kind of vehicle do you have? Austin Canoe and Kayak, has kayak straps for 8 bucks a piece, and just need two for two kayaks, they work great, and don't budge. If you can use them for your vehicle.
Yeah, I use straps on mine and they work fine for me, but my dads 14' Manta Ray sticks out too far and will be problematic sticking out of the bed of his truck. He's in the market for a trailer but it's hard finding something made specifically for kayaking instead of boating.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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