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right now, if you can up early, you can see the 2 planets as they move closer together, visually.(jupiter is actually 481,000,000mi from sun. saturn is 929.000,000mi. earth is 93,000,000) by dec 21st, they will be closest! that'll be right after sunset. These great Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions happen only every 20 years. The last one was in the year 2000. Their upcoming conjunction – December 21, 2020 – will be their closest since 1623.
even with inexpensive binoculars you can see up to 4 of jupiter's moons (as seen by galileo in 1609, with one of the 1st invented telescopes. you can also make out that saturn has an oblong shape due to its rings,and maybe some of its moons. jupiter looks like a mini solar system. you gotta hold amazingly still, obviously. like prop yourself on top of a car.
jupiter's temp is -234 degrees! it gives off more heat than it receives from the sun!
saturn is -288!
my wife is about 32 degrees. she's so cold like an ice cream cone.

just kidding...
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