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July - Kinami Big Bass giveaway!!

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Kinami has offered to send out a pack of baits to whoever has big bass of the month.

All you need to do is include a picture and a report of the biggest bass caught this month (starting July 1st- ending July 31st) post it under this thread and win a Kinami pack of baits. This will include an assortment of baits.

Lets keep the posts to Big Bass posts if possible.

Take Care
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Caught Wed  July 2 2008  6:30pm ish. At Lake Austin   on Boo Yah jig  (won the jig Tues night at ATX Bassmasters club meeting.)(thanks  Dan Taylor)
5lb.3oz.    21 3/4 in.  Water temp 73    
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Lake Austin, 10:45 am Friday July 4th
Drop shot
23 inches looong
7.4 pounds....

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nice fish. i think dad does it again won it last month. sorry should of lookd at the handle before post. theres only 5 pages of post for that 12.2 toad.
Kate's 8-2. Just realized it needed to be in this post to count. ;)

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Nice chunk - Slama. Way to go Katie. Nice Job guiden Snake. It ain't Decker! ;D
I'd like to enter James fish from Georgetown last night. He caught the Monster at 8:45 pm on July 10th during the weekly tournament. It weighed in at 9.4 lbs with the weigh bag. We deducted the weight of the bag and found the weight to be 8.7 lbs or 8 lbs 12 oz, which ever you prefer.

Way to go James, awesome fish! :eek:
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wow nice fish bud im looking for my big one! one of these days congrats bud
Wow so I guess the $175 he won for Big Bass wasn't enough; I would have liked to see that Kinami giveaway go to a recreational angler (like a 13 year old, even if her Dad has plenty of fishing equip ;)) instead of a tourney fisherman who has already won something for that fish :(
Nice fish BTW James ;D

In my opinion the Kinami giveaway should exclude tournies.

Fish On!!

They only hired me LH. ;)

Maybe if the rule was, whoever caught the biggest fish per percent of size of the angler. She claimed to be 98lbs. ;D
Roger that, all the more reason then ;D

Of course it's not my contest and I don't make the rules, just stating my opinion.
Lunker, I respectfully disagree.
James has been fishing Georgetown all his life. He catches a big one and you try to discount it. :-X
Not trying to discount it, or alienate James.  ??? Just stating my opinion, don't get your panties in a wad.

Another "opinion" I have is: If James is an active member, why not let him post it, instead of vicariously showing off for him?

no need to create bad blood over something uncontrolable by either party. :-/

Kinami is an awesome company and we should be thankfull for all they do even presenting this contest.

some fisherman only fish tourny fishing and some not but we all fish and there will prolly be a bigger one posted by the end. just like last month. the winning fish was almost a picture from the weigh in at a major tourny. ABF tournies are awesome but its not like a pro circuit, all boats wrapped, and polygraph type of situation.

Thanks to ABF and Kinami baits for the chance to win. For another competition and FUN.
Yeah, you're right LS, I probably should've just :-X, I couldn't help but think about how stoked that girl would've been, but it probably wouldn't hold up anyway.
It is what it is. Congrats to whoever wins it, however they win it ;)

Lunk out
lunker-hunter said:
but think about how stoked that girl would've been
I agree. Buy a couple packs of Kinami baits and send them to her. I'll cover the postage. Problem solved.
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