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Buddy asked me to take him out to Decker as I had told him a time or two what a nice little lake it was. Couldn't ask for better weather for mid January in Austin as it hit mid 80's. Low winds early when we launched around 7:15. Took him up to the discharge first to see if any of the hybrid action was taking place as it sometimes does, but really quick realized it was not happening up there. No current. Water temps around 57 degrees. We squeaked out 5 measly little bass from 8am to 2pm. None over 2 pounds. 5 fish. 5 different baits. 5 different patterns. Junk fishing at it's finest. Did hook into something really nice on a medium crankbait that pulled hard for about 10 seconds. If it wasn't a hybrid could have been a really big goo. And to top it off, forgot to raise my motor when loading up and put some nice dents into the ss prop. Great. I sucked today at Decker. That is all.
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