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I have an Ithica Model 280-E for sale. This is a beautiful gun. Showroom condition sells for 1500-2000 dollars.

This gun is 30+ years old and, frankly, it was a hunting gun and still is but I just do not hunt birds anymore.

Is it broken? No, not a crack or broken part on it (everyone always asks that).

Is it showroom quality? No.. it was a hunting gun. The only real wear is the blueing is a little faded on the underside simply because that was where my dad carried it (over his arm). The blueing is all still there, but it is faded in that part just a little...nothing that can't be touched up pretty darn cheap.

There are a few minor scratches on the stock, again, we hunted quail.

So.. what I want is a nice kayak setup. I would be willing to sell this for enough to buy a nice kayak setup, or trade for one. The kayak does not have to be new even, but I will want to check it out with a kayak person that knows them better.

I will use the kayak for fishing both saltwater and freshwater, so it needs to hold all the stuff I fish with AND have a fish finder, or you can throw in a little cash for that aspect.

Make an offer...

Here are some pictures. I have more, if need be.

This is a beautiful gun, if you know guns, used, worn or not. The engraving is all beautiful, ornate, and fully intact and clear. Again, the deal is a good one. You won't ever find a deal on one of these guns for less, I guarantee that. Ithica does not make these as they went out of business.

The chokes are improved and improved.

Make a post and/or send me a PM. First come, first serve, guys.

Posting here before I post on the hunting site.

p.s. You can have the gun case with it too if you like.



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