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Sorry for the late post... been fishing and then working.

Who says cold and rain stops the bite. Slight drizzle and windy, water temp was 56.2. Went out to Inks on Friday in my Pelican with the wife while the kids were in school. Hit the lake about 11:00 and started to hit the windward side of the banks just outside of the boat ramp (outside the marker buoys). We let the wind take us parallel to the bank in about 3-5' deep about 15-20' off the bank. Got a 7 lb-er and couple of 2 lb-ers on black/red flake yo-mama craws on a 3/4 oz black jig.

I did one thing different from usual. I would make long casts with the wind aimed just behind cover (grass, stumps, lay downs, etc.) just smacking the bank and then reeled back in parallel to the bank at a moderate pace. I was thinking "power fishing" with a jig. All of the fish hit it in the middle of the retrieve. So I am not convinced they were anywhere near the cover I was casting too. The bite was hard too so I guess now that the magic number for temp has hit, they are getting more aggressive.

Anyone else have success like this? I usually do short pitches and not long, full blown casts, so I don't know if it was a fluke or not.
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