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I have a 1994 Smoker Craft 161 ProMag with a 90hp Mariner. Top end was 46 - 48 at 5400RPM with an aluminum 19pitch x 13dia prop. Now with same set up no RPM change and new Solas prop with same specs top end is 39. I put the old prop on and have the same 39mph result. Had boat serviced at beginning of the year and all compression checked out at 150 across 3 cylinders. The boat runs at 39 at full fuel tank or half full tank.

I have used Seafoam and Stabile ethanol cleaner.

Bad Gas? I have been through two tanks with same results but never completely emptied the tank.
I burn midgrade fuel usually.
Change in spark plugs?
Need new fuel line?

I would think that a 90hp would easily put a 16.5' boat at 45+ all day fully loaded. Any suggestions are welcomed. I probably wont try the wackyrig jitterbug lure for monster bass. Just sayin
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