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Hey all,

I really miss posting up to this site. I have some reasons for not posting and I thought I'd share them with y'all as way of explanation.

My dinosaur eMac computer is very old and no longer supports adding photos to the posts. My bass-selfie obsession is flagrantly narcissistic but I always felt that the best pic of the trip added a nice touch of (green) color to my posts. There is an ancient laptop that can upload pics, but my son has co-opted for Roblox.

Additionally, my "camera" belongs to my employer. Everytime I e-mail a bass-selfie to myself, all the managers get a good laugh at the fish junkie. They probably double check the time stamp as well.

I have been fishing nearly everyday. I'm actually getting better at it. I'm getting over my prejudice against spinning gear and I've been fine-tuning my drop-shot rig. I'm also getting quality fish on lipless, so its the classic winter one-two punch.

Don't worry, if I catch a ten pounder, I'll take the MacBook and post the pic.

Good Luck,

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Jeremy and really for anyone who may not know. Most of today's picture taking comprises of what is called cloud storage. I work in this business and really it's just a fancy name for replicated and readily available data. Anyway, I use android and thus google. When I snap a photo on my phone it syncs immediately to my google cloud storage aka google photos. I do sometimes disable that sync on mobile data and only do it when I'm on wifi. So now I have the nice fish pic and I want to add it to a post on a forum. Well in google photos you can do that IF you share the photo to the public but even then it's simply a link to the photo, you can't embed that link with the proper BBC (bulletin board code) tags...until now, well they guy's site to convert has been around for at least a year.

So if there's anyway you can simplify your photo management/storage via a cloud provider, then I suggest that method. But if all you have is a photo on some media and then xfer it to your local file system then I suppose your are at the mercy of the forum back-end to host the photo for you. And as you know if this forum ever goes away, then so does your photo, at least this copy of it. So unless google tanks, my photos should be safe. I do take my most prized photos and keep then on disc/thumbdrive as a back up as well.

So before I forget, for those using google photos, to embed you need a shareable deep link to your photo and to do this you have to click share on your photo and copy that link, then head to this conversion site: just past that url in the top box and press generate code button. Then after a few seconds the page will auto-scroll down to where you can either copy the direct photo link or html embed code for the photo. This is how you do it with google photos. If say you have a different cloud service like flickr etc. then you just need to know how to get the URL http or https link that drills down to the .jpg image. I used to use flickr all the time like this on photography forums.

Now let's discuss embedding here on the forum, if you don't know how (I suspect you know, but what I've come to find is that forums like this that attract folk in the 50+ age bracket they sometimes don't know).

Take for example this image link: This is just a link to a basic "test" image. So now how to I get it to show in the post itself?

You have to use bbc tags, specificall img tags. And for me to show this I have to use code tags surrounded by the img tags otherwise it will want to show what's w/in the img that?

Interesting I just did a preview post and I see that img tags w/in code tags actually resolve and this really shouldn't be this way. In fact, that's why there are code tags so users can show other users how to use tags w/o the tags actually working. vbulletin does not default like this, so it's an administration snafu I suspect...uggg...Okay then I will try with extra spaces between tag chars: [ i m g ]put image url here[ / i m g ]

Now finally let's just use the img tags, here's how it embeds into the post:

Actually, a final observation here about the context of your post and about not posting as much etc. This might be just a normal phase or winding down of your usage just by sheer time/numbers (based on our post count and date joined). See when I was on the photography form I was a huge poster, posting several posts per day. This went on for about 5 years and over the last 5 years has gone down to zero, I don't even log in anymore. Some of it was due to social media and some of it was due to just being burned out.

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