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My lovely wife bought me a nice upgraded 767 w/GPS

I simply mounted on my old set up.

You will now get a 16 month old head, Manual, brand new transducer, New Power cable and I will throw in a deer feeder battery.

Hummingbird 565 FISHFINDER
The 565 features an ultra high resolution 12 level grayscale 640V x 320H 5" display and Dual Beam sonar with 2000 Watts PTP power output.
Real Time Sonar RTS Window
Selective Fish ID
Sonar Echo Enhancement
Split Screen Zoom
Custom Digital Readout Selection
Custom View Selections
Large Digits View
Quick Disconnect Mounting System
Triplog- optional
X Press Menu System
Display Size: 5.0" diagonal
Display Pixel Matrix: 640V x 320H
Display Type: FSTN LCD
Display Colors/Grayscale: 12 Level Grayscale
Dual Beam
Sonar Coverage

* 200 kHz / 20? @ -10db
* 83 kHz / 60? @ -10db

Target Separation: 2.5 inches
Power Output (RMS): 250 Watts (RMS)
Power Output (Peak to Peak): 2000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)
Temperature: Included
Speed: Capable
Backlight: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Mount: Quick Disconnect
Unit Size: 7" H x 7" W x 4" D
Transducer - Standard: XNT-9-20-T
Transducer Mounting: Inside Hull or Transom
Power Input: 10-20 VDC

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I think it compares very well. The Humminbird is a dual beam. It is a great buy. Post up here is interested in checking it out.


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Humminbird Fishfinder 565
[highlight]$149.88 (With $20 rebate from Cabela's) + 8.25% tax[/highlight]

[highlight]640 vertical x 320 horizontal pixels [/highlight]
20°/60° dual-beam transducer
2,000-watt peak-to-peak power
Accelerated real-time sonar
2-1/2" target separation

When it comes to big-time performance in sonar systems, Humminbird's 500 series definitely sets a new standard in the industry. With the 565's industry-leading 640 x 320 pixel count, it delivers incredible detail that you have to see to believe. And with its revolutionary accelerated real-time operation updating the screen up to 40 times per second, you'll get the instantaneous feedback of a flasher with an LCD chart's clarity. The Fishfinder 565 uses a dual-beam sonar system with a wide 60° area of coverage. Optimized to show the greatest bottom and structure definition using a narrow 20° beam, and show fish and structure from a wide 60° beam. Sonar from both beams is combined into one image on the display. Plus it boasts Humminbird's Clear Edge Inverse Grayscale to separate fish from cover and identify those normally hidden by the thermocline. The tilt and swivel quick-disconnect mount makes the unit easy to see from anywhere in the boat and incorporates all connections within the housing for instant plug-in as soon as you snap the unit in place.
Available: 565 Sonar with temp.


Lowrance X 96 Sonar Unit

[highlight]$109.00 (With $20 Rebate from Cabela's) + 8.25% Tax [/highlight]

[highlight]320V x 320H-pixel resolution[/highlight]
5" diagonal high-contrast display
High-speed Skimmer transducer
Grayline 16-level grayscale
Water temperature sensor not included
With its 320x320 display and excellent bundle of fish-finding performance features, the X96 brings you great perfomance at a money-saving price. 1,500 watts peak-to-peak power. Depth to 800 ft. 5" diagonal high-contrast display. 16-level grayscale differentiates between hard and soft bottoms, giving you a better idea of the areas you cover and where the fish are likely to be. High-speed 200kHz Skimmer® transducer. One-year warranty.
X96 with temp and 20° transom transducer  
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