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Ive been looking for a place near s. padre island to go and satisfy my urge for some good old structure bass fishing I ask so many people for about a year and they could only send me to canals to catch smaller bass. I Finally heard of a spot that my neighbor said he caught and released alot of 3-4lb bass the prob was he said it was over 10 years ago!!! went for it anyways out of pure desperation to find a place to drop my mini bass boat and catch a bass while not on the bank!!!(no offense, just alotta bugs down here(mean ones)) anyways the rest is history and ive been nailing 3-5 lbers everytime i go biggest so far was 6.44lb but this mini town lake has an abundance of 4lb fish that have never seen a lure in there life!!! and since the hurricane last year almost every dock on the lake is ruind, broken,or halfway in the water.. great stucture, fallen trees n everything. i have caught em on everything but topwaters....yet.... mainly jig n craw, t-rig worm or rage craw, or shallow running crankbait, few nice ones on a jig worm.
anyways here are some pics of some of the niceones... check em out n tell me whatcha think..

heres one my bro caught

caught this one dont know what it is???Any help?

same fish it had

a really thin mouth

another one my bro caught

one of the locals from around the lake must have posted this?the locals prob know best.. their my boat in the backround. im goin anyways>'====----

now that ones good lookin...ohh yeah nice bass too! :D

one of the bigger ones!

same one

same fish

my neighbor caught this one..looks like a hybid peakock.both of em

same fish as last pic

another big one

this fish was caught in some of the thickest lilypads ive ever seen!!only 1out of every 5 cast actually made it under water.. would have been a 10 lber if i weight it with all the slop it brought up w it

heres a vid.. ok so i overreacted, but it was still 2oz shy of 5lbs and the bass that made it official that there was big ones out there on this new lake.
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