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I decided to take my little boat out yesterday and fish a couple of lakes I've never been on before. Started at Inks Lake. This looks like a cool little lake. I caught three in about two hours with the biggest (4 pounder) coming on a Fat Free Shad, sexy shad, off of a rock hump on the end of a long point. I then went over to Marble Falls and caught a three pounder within ten casts on a sexy shad spinnerbait behind the weir dam right by the boat ramp. I fished towards the main dam and managed a couple of non-keepers on the spinnerbait. I then went to Sandy Creek and got into the same dink-fest that everyone else is talking about. I caught 5 LMB (no keepers) with a shaky head and the sexy shad Fat Free Shad. It was an awesome day and all of the lakes are looking good.
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