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I've finally found the ultimate anchor rope management cord wheel. Anchor rope management is a big problem for me and I have a Ranger Z19 bass boat. I've started fishing more open water, and anchor frequently when I find a hump or other structure that is holding fish. I hate having anchor rope all over the front deck, particularly when I am fishing or burning across the water at high speeds. It's quite dangerous and a big hassle!

I've scoured the Internet looking for a small reel that is durable, and just haven't been able to find anything. About six months ago, I found this company in Australia called Ruslyn that was creating a small cord wheel for military combat engineers, search and rescue, special operations, etc.

This particular reel just came out of beta, and is now patented and being distributed in cases of 24 reels to military organizations. I begged the Ruslyn CEO to sell me one reel, but he wouldn't do it. But I kept begging him...

Finally he agreed to sell me 3 reels, which I received a few days ago. These things are awesome!

I know most guys in the forum will think the price is outrageous - $40 per reel + shipping. But for me it's well worth the money.

So I'm going to keep 2 of the reels (one for backup or other uses) and sell the third reel for what I paid. It winds up being $40 + $6 for shipping which equals $46.

I think this reel is especially attractive to Kayak fishermen because space is a number one requirement.

Go to to see the website and specification.

If you're interested in buying this reel, please send me a PM. I'll also provide you with a copy of my receipt so that you can be assured I'm selling it at my cost.


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