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The HHJ LA Classic is on for this weekend.

Location City Park
Check in 6:30a to 6:50a
Weight in 12p ( CP)
$30.00 per boat
The full rules are to the left on the T tab.

As Charlie mentioned during the Spawn a new rule will apply. 3 fish limit, and plan on returning the fish to the bed directly after weight in.

Also, we are starting the ABF Angeler of the Year. Places 1-5 will get 5 to 1 points based on placing. ( 1st place 5 points 5th place 1 point ect..)

You do not have to Fish every T to qualifiy, but it sure will improve your odds. ;D
RudeHo will keep track of everyones standings.

No need to post that you are NOT showing to the T. Thanks

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Count me in for this weekend HHJ Opener.

I'll make up some tournament score sheets tonight.  Tourney directors can get them from me prior to each HHJ this year and I'll tally the results from what is posted by a T-director online or from the score sheet that was used at that particular HHJ.

Just one point of clarification.  Any HHJ tourney is valid for AOY points, right?  The day time ones and the night time ones.  I'm assuming for now we're on the every other Saturday HHJ schedule until summer and then switch to the every other Wednesday night format (or something like that).  Basically, I'll track the points if it is an HHJ tourney and the Tourney director post the scores online or gives me the score sheet in person.  



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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  3/10

Weather Forecast: Saturday 10MAR07

Kvue: Low 58 Hi 76, partly cloudy
Keye: Low 58 Hi 79, partly cloudy
Kxan: Low 50 Hi 78, partly cloudy
TWC: Low 58 Hi 79, partly cloudy
N8A: Low ?? Hi 78, partly cloudy
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Rules Change
Contest will be the best 3 fish per team brought to the weigh-in alive

just reiterating for those who didn't read it in the previous post​

Teams so far:

--HHJ & Bro
--EA & partner
--518svx & JukeBox
--Aggiefisher & Partner
--Alan & Partner
--Rude & Partner

-- ?? btsmbass ??

***Chacmool needs a backseat***

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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  3/10

I would like to fish this. I am not that familiar with lake austin though. Is City park ramp the one in emma long park?
ChacMool I don't have a partner for this if you want to fish out of my boat. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.

Rude, it will be me and btsmbass.

Wes, I am sorry. Bryan had already asked me last night. I will shoot you email. I just got in. Call me sometime. I am always looking for a backseat over my jon boat.
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