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HHJ Lake Austin Classic will begin on March 10th.

Where City Park ( Emma Long )

Check in 6:30a to 6:50a
First Cast 7a
Check in 12p

Cost $30 per boat ( $5 included for big bass)


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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  2007 Season

Can't make this one, so yall tear em' up good for me!
;D ;D

Here is a copy of the rules found on the tournaments button for the new guys:

1) ABF tournaments are open to any person who registers with the Tournament Director, pays the fees, and agrees to abide by all tournament rules and the decision made by the Director.
2) Breaking rules, unsportsmanlike conduct and not following boating safety regulations are all grounds for disqualification. Disqualification will be determined by the Director.
3) Multiple Launch sites will be allowed. However, there will be only one weigh-in site. The weigh-in site will be determined prior to the tournament.
4) A participant can start late but cannot start early. All participants must be at weigh-in site or in view of weigh-in site by the pre-determined end time..
5) Random livewell checks may occur.
6) Entry fees are non-refundable once tournament time has started.
7) Entry is 30.00 per 2-man team. 5.00 will be contributed to the big bass pot.
8) All tournaments pay 100% as follows:
1-5 boats pays out 1 place 100%
6-10 boats pays out 2 places 60%, 40%
11 or more boats pays out 3 places 50% , 30%, 20%
9) 5 bass limit. All bass (Black, Small Mouth, Guadalupe) must measure at least 14 inches in length, except where lake regulations specify different legal limits (i.e. slot limits).
10) Dead or undersized fish will not be weighed.
11) Tie-breakers will be determined by the largest fish caught by all tied participants.
12) All fish must be caught from boat only.
13) Live Bait, Trot Lines, Cast Nets, Trolling or underwater cameras not allowed.
14) Rules may be changed or dropped (based on mutual agreement of participants) prior to but not during any tournament. If a rule has been changed, it will be posted at least one day in advance of the tournament.
15), its sponsors and the tournament director are not responsible for damage, loss, injury or any other incidental issues that occur as a result of participation in the tournament.

Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  2007 Season

If anyone wants to offer me a backseat, I am available. Thank you.

PS. I can sweeten the pot by offering six free tickets to the Austin Ice Bats hockey game on March 18, Sun at 4:00. I was given these tickets. If interested in the tickets as a prize let me know.

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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  2007 Season

I don't think the shelf in the livewell is big enough to hide ol' wilbur! ( aka the self named monster he caught at fayette) And besides thats grnheads job to hide the fish! ;D :eek:

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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  2007 Season

So Ive had this discussion with a few other ABF members and decided this is how the next H.H.J. will be run.

Since the tournament will be during the spawn and I know all the ABF guys are all about preserving and conserving Lake Austin. If you catch a monster anything over 5lbs and have a digital camera and a digital scale take a photo of the fish on the scale and release her right back in the water.  At weigh in the photo will count towards your sacks weight.

I think that this will be better than a bunch of guys rushing the lake and pulling off a bunch of bedding fish and messing up the balance just to weigh fish at the ramp.

If you dont have a digital scale and camera its understandable to weigh the fish in.

There has also been the thought of a 3 fish limit but I dont think that is necessary if we bring our cameras.

Take Care

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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  2007 Season

Great idea, Charlie.  I support this idea.

How do other tourney's deal with this during the spring months?  It seems like a big challenge for the larger tourneys.  Anything we can do to help extend the fish production in Lake Austin is a good thing.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to remind everyone of the rules for catching bedding fish, i.e. no throw nets, no snagging, etc.  I fully trust everyone in our tourneys, just worth mentioning.

PS.  If I take a pic of a 13lber on a bed, can I count that towards my total weight for the HHJ?  ;D j/k of course.


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Re: HHJ Lake Austin Classic  2007 Season

HHJ and i talked on the phone and did discuss the "recatching" of a fish.....not by the same guys, but by multiple guys. We discussed moving to a three fish limit. If you catch a bedding fish, the sporting thing to do will be to return the fish to the spawning area after the weigh-in
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