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HHJ Lake Austin 7/30 Results

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We had a solid showing of 25 boats tonight.

Fishing was tough for most but Jay and Jonathan brought in a whopping 24.93 sack with a 5.88 lb kicker to take home first place and Big Bass.  Jay had to weigh 3 different fish to figure out which one was the big one...after the third five lber everyone knew he was taking home the big money.  Brent brought out his lucky charm and finished second with a solid 15+ lb sack. Eric and I caught our last keeper with less than 5 minutes to go and squeezed into third (plus a case  ;D) just barely edging out Tom and Andy. They took home the Geneva gift card for their efforts.

Congrats to everyone in the money!  Rude took some good pics and will be posting shortly.

Great time as always and thanks to everyone that showed.  We'll be fishing Austin every Wed until the time changes so see you guys next Wed!



24 plus pounds! Congrats to Jay and Jonathan

Brent and Leslie with another good catch

Another decent LA fish.

Rude and DerrellH with a modest limit.

Kevin and Kyle’s fish.

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That was a great T. Had probably the smoothest launch ever. With two APD boats carefully monitoring the shotgun, it was great.  ;D I hope they can join us next Wednesday!  ;D

Fishing was tough, I am sure for most. No flow, meant no go as far as catching. However, that is what I love about LA, ya never know who will win.

Only the second time in recent history that the 1 st place sack also won big bass. Man, that was a nice $500.00 pay day for three.5 hours!!!

Like Airfob said, we also struggled to get a limit. It was in the last mins of the tourney that slipped us into third.  " Never give up " !!!

From now on we go LA every Wednesday until the time change.

I am betting that we will continue to grow the largest weekly Tournament in Central Texas !

See you next Wednesday on LA !

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Congrats to the winner!

Man, all this hard work on LT, and now no more HHJ's. ::) Haha, oh well. I can never catch them in a T anyways.

Time for me to start fishing LA more often! ;D
I hear ya Regan. I actually enjoy fishing Travis but with the lake so low we figured it was time to call it off. In addition to that catching fish out of deep water in these temps is harder on both the fishermen and the fish.
Yeah, I understand. That's what I figured, it's dangerous out there. I love LT more then LA easily, I've figured it out. ;)

Hopefully I can stay on these fish till next year! ;D
Well.... Good luck with that Hollywood ;D

We will have the ABF Travis T's in 2009 in the spring.

For now, LA every Wednesday.


Ps. Send me a PM to help me figure it out. 8)
EA said:
Well.... Good luck with that Hollywood  ;D
Haha, it's a joke. It won't happen, especially with lake levels falling. 8)

It's tough to fish LA with LT just 3 miles away, and I don't have a boat. :p

See ya guys on LA!
Had a great time fishing with Derrell, catching up with some old friends, and meeting some new ones.

Take off looked great.  All the south bounders idled across the lake and staged up just south of The Pier and the north bounders lined up along CP.  Everyone was in their perspective lanes.  It almost looked like a well ochestrated manuever.  

The majority of our fish came off docks.  I was throwing a TX-rig senko type worm.  We caught our limit but needed a decent kicker.  Proto-typical tournament situation.  Just need to keep sticking fish and building your limit and keep working on nailing down the elusive kicker...

Good times!
It was a tpough T, we only caught 3 unders and one 15 1/2 all night. Still had a great time. We saw a jetskier cruising up the lake about 9:15, no lights, he had no idea where he was going. Of course 2 minutes later wqe saw the APD boat headed that way but I don't think he ever saw them.

Regan, we'll get you out there soon, if for nothing else but to teach me a thing or 6. 8)
We had a great time last night. Wish we could have stayed for the after party at 360 but an early morning of work today and kids at home had us heading back to the house right afterwards. I'll catch you guys next time for sure.

We caught all our fish on jigs and tx rigs around shallow wood and a couple off shallow docks. Fished mid lake mainly. Culled up 2 times and caught 3 other keepers that didn't help us. Also landed a 10 pound catfish from which I learned a valuable lesson. Don't lip them!!!! I screamed like a girl when it bit the crap out of me and didn't let go for a few seconds. LOL :p See ya next week.
Hambone and I showed up early with an attempt to build some confidence before 6:15, since I'm in a major LA drought. We did not, so we just stayed and fished a few different areas until 10:30. We still struggled. Sooner or later we will get out of this LA funk. Enjoyed a few min's under 360....

Jay and Jon what a job.... Congrats to all.

Maybe next week!!!! ;D

thanks guys! Everyone is always super nice. We obviously had a great time and were blessed with some good fortune.
As always a Fun and challenging Tourney. Had a blast fishin with Rude. Brought out five different rod/reel combo's from Spinner bait, Tx Rig, Jig, Swimbait, Back up Tx Rig. Only used one bag of plastics and one rod all night. We found a consistent bite just couldn't get a biggen. Congrats to Jay/Jonathan that was a great sack of fish.
Looks like yall had a good time on the water. Some real nice fish there. Needed to take the day off from fishing, so I didn't make it out. I will be back out there tonight with my nose to the grindstone 8)
congrats to the winners. The take off couldn't have been any better. A real nice and friendly tournament. :D
Some nice fish guys, way to go!! I am always impressed that someone catches a great bag on LA!
Congrats to the winners, nice fish!!

I don't know Andy, you and Eric always "seem" to sneak right into the sure that scale is accurate on your sacks? Just kidding, nice going in the last 5 minutes.
Had a blast last night we ended up with 5 fish that would have gone around 10lbs. We also lost a good fish at the boat about 9:45 that would have helped. We ended up running out of gas and wouldnt have made it to weigh in anyways. Thanks Kevin and Kyle for the tow in. It seems somebody needed my gas more than I did.
Sure do hate haveing to work instead of enjoying all the goodtimes on the water. Congrats to the winners and all who were able to show.

Jim 8)
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