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HHJ Lake Austin 7/2 Results

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We had 26 teams come out tonight.

Alan fished solo and brought in a whopping 17+ lb sack for first place!  Brent and Leslie had another solid sack topping 16 lbs and took second while Eric and I got lucky and squeeked into third.  Rich continued his Austin streak with another toad near 8 lbs for Big Bass.  The Waldrops took home the Geneva/Kinami/Academy/ABF tackle pack for their fourth place finish.

It was an interesting night to say the least.  I'm not going to get into what happened at the ramp, let's just say some crackhead was an inch away from going to the hospital.

Congrats to the money winners and thanks again to all that came out, had a real good time tonight seeing all the regulars and meeting some new faces.

Also, please keep in mind these Wed nighters are a laid back and friendly atmosphere. There's no need to crowd someone or get into words on the water...plenty of water out there for everyone to fish.  Let's respect each other out there and have a good time, no need to ruin relationships over beer money.

Rude did a good job of taking pics and will be adding them shortly.  See you guys next week on Travis.

Sleds lined up on the beach.

EA hanging out with Zorro (I mean Zdawg).

Basstracker and Bassfantastic.

rvmfishing and 518svx with the Big Bass.

EA and Airfob's 3rd place stringer.

Alan and the first place stringer.

Brent and Leslie with a nice 2nd place stringer.

An LA chunk bass.

Some more LA fish.

Hanging out at the ramp.

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Lots of fun as always. Fishing was a little tougher than I
thought it would be :-/. That small front that rolled thru in the afternoon seem to have had an effect on the fish.

Congrats again to those in the money.

Real buzz kill there at the end. What an idiot. :mad: I have to wonder if he got his arse beat. He was sure looking to get it. 5 ft nothing and gonna talk like a fool with a dozen guys enjoying a good evening.

Glad all got home safe.

Jim ;D
Sounds like I left the ramp too early and missed the drama! Should have stayed and had another beer, dang! :eek:

We had a great time last night, congrats to all and big thanks to the ABF crew .
It was fun, sorry I left before all the fireworks. I sure would have like to see that fools face if Jim walked up on him  :eek:
Thanks to all who came out to fish!

Airfob and I had one of the quickest limits in our memory. We had 5 in the boat about 40 mins after take off. That sure did help out.

Bite really seemed to die pretty quick, and we just could not cull twice.

Congrats to Alan who fished solo with a overheated engine ! Nice win Alan!

man, awesome EA, so where did yall start. ;D hehe
Thanks to Rude and ZDawg for the tow back to City Park. i was on a good swimbait bite, and was able to get a limit in a little over an hour. The big plan was to start culling. But the engine overheated on the way up the lake.

Thanks to Jr and Mike for the post weigh-in tow back to our ramp
Congrats on the win, Alan. Good timing too so you can throw your winnings right at the motor. :eek: Hope it's an easy fix. ;)
Some nice fish and great pics rude.............I love Lake Austin.
I had a great time and thanks to ABF crew for the hospitality........I really thought EA was gonna crush that dudes skull ;D ;D ;D Thanks RudeHO for everything!!!

I can't wait to do it again!!!!

Z 8)
Congrats to Allan for big stringer and Rich for big bass...

Thanks to Andy/Eric and the rest ABFer's for making it an fun event.

Joe and I found stuck some good fish, just could not prevent them from shaking the lure free. I lost three fish and Joe a couple solid fish. All on swimbaits. So three strikes, I was out...

Did catch a 16.5" fish right at dark, but did not weigh it.

Enjoyed it...Hoping no more fireworks at the end of the next one.

One note, did anyone see the bottlerockets being shot from a ski boat, near the 360 bridge? That is crazy!
Derrell and I stunk it up bigtime last night.

Had only 1 bite for 1 dish around 10:17pm for about 2.5lbs.

Had fun hanging out afterwords.

To summarize.....

LBJ CLass of 2005!!!!!


Next time you roll out to Austin I'll take ya to Ski Shores for a Border Burger...jalapenos, onions and mashed up avacados (or as your people like to call it "guacamole")  ;D

Thanks Rude for taking the time to take pics, they highlight the evening's events and add a lot to the report!

KP, lol! Did you hear the guy say he was related to Sam Houston? Also cracked me up when he started reppin the East Side and telling all you white folks to go back to West Lake.
Yeah but I think he was reffring to Rich and Alan :p.

Derrel and I were contamplating "making the call" ;).

Guess we should have and then hung around for more entertainment. :D

I would have laughed my @$$ off if he had said "Giddings Class of 2005" ;D.

I grew up on the east side......Not Without Honor,,,,Reagan High ;D

But then i "moved it on up" to the lakeside
I didn't want to say anything, but.....he was our outside linebacker 2 years ago!!! ;) ;D :p :-/

Z 8)
Zdawg said:
I didn't want to say anything, but.....he was our outside linebacker 2 years ago!!!  ;) ;D :p :-/

Z     8)
Hell a little guy like that as your outside linebacker. No wonder Giddings is always runnerup :p

Jim ;D
Eeeeeaaasy Jimbo, we've only lost 5 games in the last 4 years.......only 2 the last 2 years......and after yesterday, I still want to change jobs, move to Austin so I can fish LA more often ;D ;D ;D

Z 8)
Good times everybody, well kinda..

It'll definitely go down in the books as one of the more memorable HHJ's that I've attended..  I'll add it to my top 5 list..

ZDawg - anytime brother.  Mi casa su casa.  Let me know whenever you guys wanna roll up Austin style and it's game on.   Just leave your Pop Warner Outside linebackers at home.  They don't seem to play well with others :p.

Big kudos to EA and Andy for running another text book operation.

And Props to my ABF Team members for represent'n.

Alan, EA, Andy, Rich.  all in the money,

Westlake in the house.....WEST Sideeeeee!!!  lol  
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