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Help on Ivie

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Need some help on Ivie. I saw that Champ203 posted about how far it is to the lake, but I was wondering if he had any advice or pointers on fishing out there. I was thinking about entering a tourney out there, but I hear the locals are really tough. Any help would be much appreciated.
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When you get a chance go see Jacky at FishFinder's Marine. He knows the lake well, and can sell you the right stuff to catch 'em.

In fact, he is heading up to Ivie soon.
I will be there fishing the bass busters T next weekend. Have not been out there in a while, so I will just hit my normal spots that I use to have to myself. I will probably need to bring a STOP sign to direct traffic!!!
I will be there for Bass Busters as well. Grew up out there. Used to spend a lot of time out at Ivie but haven't in a good while. Good Luck to you! We are heading out Thursday evening.
We are going out Friday and staying until Sunday. We are staying at the Sportsman lodge Sat night. Look us up and we could drink a cold one and shoot the bull.

We are going to be just staying at the ramp at Concho. We will be in a red Tundra pulling a red skeeter. Beer sounds good!
We will be in a silver dodge 4 door pulling a white champion. We are staying at the ramp(camping) Friday night so we can pull the boat out after the T. Are you staying the weekend?
We could end up staying the weekend, but right now the plan is to leave Thursday night and come back Saturday evening. But if the fishing is as good as I have heard from some buddies I bet we stay till at least noon on Sunday.
JC, do smell something fishy or what. By the way, I caught her in the upper lip.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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