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Hey guys and gals,

I will be coming down to Austin the second weekend of March and was wondering if I could get some ideas for places to bank fish. This will be my 3rd time in Austin. Previously I've fished all over Lady Bird (took a guide, fished from kayaks, and bank fished) and had pretty good success catching medium sized bass. I also went to Lake Travis at Pace Bend Park and fished for a few hours but got skunked. Also took a trip to Guadalupe State park and fished the river and only caught one little Guad. Also fished Canyon Lake from the shore at the dam but couldn't get a bite either. I plan on hitting up Lady Bird pretty hard again since I've had the most success there.

I'm not trying to steal any secret spots and I only come down once or twice a year to visit a friend but if I could get pointed in the right direction for some activity that would be awesome. I've noticed that the steps seems to be a popular place that is written about for catching white bass but I'm not sure where its at or if it is worth my time. I'll be staying in north austin and dont mind driving 45 mins to 1hr to get to some hot spots.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I also wouldn't mind catching another Gaud. The first and only one I caught was about 5 inches long so something a bit bigger would be cool to have a picture of.
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