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Heck of deal on dirt bike for trade please read

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Hey yall i got a 1984 Kawasaki KX250 that runs well. Need new water pump, lower seal, gear lube, carb rebuild, and starter rebuild. Anyone know someone who might be intersested in a trade. Either that or need between a 30 and 40 hp outboard, trade bike, old outboard, and maybe a little cash if a good deal. Im sick with the fishing fever and doc perscibed a sweet day at the lake as the cure. IF you have what i am looking for lets talk, im sure we can work something out. Thanks yall. God Bless. I just got back from East TX working on power system and need some major relaxation.
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Man, that sounds like a great deal!  And only a little fixin' up to do.

Have you taken on any sweet jumps lately?

Do you have any pics by chance?


Are the Shocks and Pegs in good condition?

from what my buddy told me, he just had them rebuilt. I have only had the bike for a week. To much bike for me. to much power
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