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The H.H.J. Jackpot is this Saturday the 1st of Nov.

Tournament Rules:
1: These are how the places pay:
one - seven participant pays out 1st
eight - fourteen participants pays out 2nd
fourteen - twenty three participants pays 3rd
twenty four and over pays out 4
1-2 places pays 60, 40
1-3 places pays 50, 30, 20
1-4 places pays 50, 30, 20, Kinami bag

2: 2 man teams $30.00 a boat $5.00 big bass optional.

3: Tournament fishing times will be from 6:30am-11:30am.

4: I will be at City Park from 6:00am-6:30 for sign in. There will be random live well checks but once you sign in you can head to your spot but cannot start fishing till 6:30am.

5: Weigh in will be at City Park you will need to be within idling distance of weigh by 11:30am or you will be considered late and will be disqualified.

6: All basic tournament rules apply (No trolling, one rod per person in the water etc..). If you don't follow the rules of the tournament or rules of good sportsmanship you can be disqualified and this will be at the discretion of the tournament director.

7: There is a one lb penalty for all dead fish.

8: Ties will be determined by a flip of a coin.

If there is any questions please feel free to contact me or post here.

Take Care

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Well it was nothing but a dink fest for Lance and I so we didn't even bother to go back to the weigh in because we were so far at the south end of the lake. But I would like to see the results of this thing.
Did any one bring fish back in?

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Dan "Fishgod" Taylor and Brannon Hightower won it with 13 pounds or so.  Dan went on to double dip and win the ATX club tournament going on at the same time with 11 pounds and change.

I agree it was a dink fest for me as well.  I did much more running and gunning than normal trying to find something that worked for me, but wound up only catching one keeper.:'(   I think our club only had two limits weighed.
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