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11/23/19 World Championship of Guadalupe Bass.....GUADAPOOLZA 2019!!!!!

OPEN TO EVERYONE, no membership required. $60 entry includes a $10 side pot for biggest largemouth. Main pot pays three places to the best five guadalupe bass bags. Fish team or solo, but must follow all state laws.

Registration: Friday 11/22 from 5pm-8pm and Saturday morning starting at 5am, Arkansas Bend

Tournament Hours: Release at First Safe Light Saturday morning, Check in at 1pm.

Registration and check in will be at Arkansas Bend Park on Lake Travis

All boats will be given a boat number at registration, boats can launch from any ramp but must be present for livewell checks as their boat number is called for release Saturday morning.

After weigh-in we will give out the money and get to cooking up the fish, so stick around for one of the best lake side shore lunches you can have!

Example pay out on 65 teams:

1st $1,465
2nd $880
3rd $585
Big Largemouth $650

We will need volunteers to cook, bring fryers or food, and volunteers to clean fish (like last year I will bring plenty of fish cleaning juice). We will need sides like fries, hush puppies, coleslaw, or whatever you might want to bring to a fish fry. But mostly importantly we will need oil for the fryers, fryers, and cleaning knives!

So far on the Sign Up list we have:

John Ward - Metal trays for food, serving spoons, paper towels, jug of fry oil, Tony C seasoning, big tub of fish fry batter, batter bowl, electric filet knife, refreshments

Dustin Barron - Propane, double fryer, batter bowl, lighter fluid, manual filet knife, folding table, extra cooler for any frozen food brought

Booker and Rooster - Trailer with tournament goodies, trash cans, trash bags, weigh-in scale, generators for filet knives, fuel, fryer, propane, coolers, extra fish cleaning tables

Chuck K - Amazing dipping sauces

Please post on the TTZ Forum page if you would like to volunteer to bring anything or help clean fish:

Guadapalooza 11.23.19 Arkansas Bend - Lake Travis | TTZ Fishing Forum
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