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Outside Temp: 75 morning, already 82 at 8:30AM
Water Temp - 72ish
Water Clarity: Stained to muddy with this wind

Stayed on lower end main lake points that had the wind blowing into them.  Stayed with a topwater "walk the dog" bait and had another quick limit, again anchored by a nice 3.5lber.  Many fish missed the bait because of the wind/wave action, but a few would strike multple times until they were hooked.

After doing that for an hour and running the TM on high just to maintain control, moved to the dam for a break in the wind and slow rolled a blade on the shallow flats and picked up three more, biggest maybe 2.5 lbs.  Also Steve picked up a few on a LC Pointer.

Back home with the boat in the garage by 9:45AM....not a bad morning. ;D

Ran into P'Aggie and BoxATM out there as they launched, hopefully they got into them as well.

No pics this time, we really didn't have anything worthy of pictures, just a good mix of 2-3 lb bass.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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