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Gate was open at 0546! Swim beach gate still staying locked. Dumb.
Beautiful skies...

Cloud Water Sky Atmosphere Water resources

Started at ramp...nada...but sun playing hide and seek 93million miles away...
Cloud Water Sky Water resources Atmosphere

Brilliant light pushing though clouds...
Cloud Water Sky Atmosphere Afterglow

I tried to hurry to my usual spots, but every time a fish farted I had to stop and cast there...

Cloud Water Sky Atmosphere Water resources

Pics really don't capture the incredibleness of the morning...

Hot spot...well, warmest spot, was again where the chairs were.
6 blowups
1 landed
Over before 0700.

It's about $12 round trip in gas. I get that the main gate doesn't open til 6, but swim beach gate opens at 8? Just try that 12min stroll thru ankle_bending rocks and see if you think it's worth it! Heck, with it getting lighter earlier, I'm probably missing 30min of good topwater action!
Gotta choose...
Gonna hit pf the next few days...
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