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i was so pooped from fishing and golf yesterday i fell asleep at 6pm! and woke up at 1am! played online chess for an hour or so, then fell back asleep. hit the gate at about 5:25, and walked down. full moon just setting. shiny pairs of deer eyes staring at me. alarm went off at 6:05, and my lure hadnt even been attacked yet. then, it got slammed by a gar, who leaped 6ft outa the water, to the side, only a foot above the water, with the lure attached to its side. reminded me of that scene in moby dick. just as i lifted it outa the water, it thrashed with all its might, knocking the spinner off the rear treble. it was incredible to see and experience.
but there was zero schooling. dang. really drying up. it was still early, so i practiced more casting...worked my way around the point and swim beach, and when i got to the other side of that little cove, a bass slammed the lure, knocking it about 5ft to my left, whereupon it grabbed the rear treble and was landed.

so, about 9 strikes. 2 caught. but both catches were amazing!

oh yeah. moby, the musician, calls himself moby, cuz a relative, herman melville, wrote 'moby dick'.

you'll want to go to the 3:45 mark...

and here's my favorite tune by moby. my band used to cover this tune. i threw some harmonica on it. it's awesome to play.
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