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Water Cloud Sky Water resources Atmosphere

1st cast 0602 around ramp. Little bit of activity, but no takers. :(
Cast my way to sandy point, with swim beach showing some promise. Couple strikes was it tho... :(
Entire area from ramp to rockpile shut down before 0700. Light breeze picked up, but zero activity... :(

Plenty of trash...

Botany Leaf Grass Vegetation Road surface

Road surface Asphalt Bedrock Flooring Landscape

Road surface Asphalt Tar Soil Pattern

Road surface Asphalt Pollinator Electric blue Tar

Some speaker doohickie...

Plant Font Grass Groundcover Manhole cover

Hit picnic area at cedar. Zilch. :(

But a friend wasn't scoring either...
Water Sky Cloud Plant Natural landscape

Got a smoothie.
Hit PF TIL noon. 3 hits on same retrieve. That was it. :(

Extra innings and got shut out!
7 strikes. 1 hookup. 0 landed.

Still, it was fun. Anticipation is always fun!

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forgot to mention....yesterday, after parking, 2 deer ran past me coming up the ramp. the clickity-clackity of their hooves sounded neat!
also, you gotta zoom way in to see my friend perched on a boulder. i also saw him poop. it was bright white. :(
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